Natural Dried Saffron Stigmas

World´s finest saffron. Defined by highest Safranal and Crocin content, unique thread shape, mystique aroma and vigorous color.

Precisely hand-selected saffron threads from the crocus sativus flowers harvested by the original farmers with mastery skills passed down for generations. Prepared and packaged in a special saffron-friendly environment to keep the values and aroma at the highest level.

Natural Dried Saffron Stigmas

Khan Royale is the result of masterful expertise, flaw-less precision, patience and the love for perfection. While collecting 1gram of premium quality saffron requires a ion from 750-900 crocus flowers, you
will be amazed to know that collecting 1gram of Khan Royale requires a precise ion from the extracted threads of 800,000-1,000,000 crocus flowers! Khan Royale is nothing but pure dedication and
devotion to achieve the elusive excellence.

Natural Dried Saffron Stigmas

The most precious achievement of our journey, the absolute excellence. The finale. A grade very limited to offer yet with an immeasurable pride and pleasure, we present Khan Impérial.

Amongst the total annual production of around 400,000 kilos of saffron worldwide, Mother Nature grants us with only 2-3 kilos of Khan Impérial grade each year.

As the courtesy of our brand, each container of Khan Impérial is being hand-ed, sealed and signed by our founder, Daniel S. himself.

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Khan Saffron

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