As Khan Saffron, it is our responsibility to conduct business today in a way that is sustainable for future generations. Supporting the rich history of saffron cultivation traditions but also driving innovation to stay relevant to our ever changing world. Although we have far-ranging ambitions for progress, the frequent steps taken to achieve our targets are delivered on a day-to-day basis at Khan Saffron.


Undoubtedly, our success comes down to the magic of our farmers and fecund lands. Without their experience, knowledge and skills in the art of cultivation, we simply would not be able to supply the finest product perpetually and be the best at what we do. These are the main factors that will underpin our sustainability and legacy of quality in the future.


At Khan Saffron we make and the best possible natural product, and work hard to ensure that they are socially and ethically sourced. That is a principle we honor across our entire journey. We seek out the finest materials and fully natural ingredients, and strive for sustainable production and quality at every turn.


Plastic-free and re-use are at the core of our principles. We continue to challenge ourselves to work harder and smarter to reduce the impact on the environment and we encourage our customers to recycle more.


Since providing the finest quality of saffron requires enormous yet precise examination, assortment and elimination process from huge quantities each year, we are putting our eliminated grade to good use, by offering and study re-investing, or donating it to other industries in need and making every effort to help clean up the impact we make on the environment, because are well aware that decreasing our reliance on the planet’s resources has never been more critical.

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Khan Saffron

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